Rush Limbaugh Hires Cyberstalker *UPDATED

Brian Glicklich, his bride, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Hendrie, Bill Handel, Glenn Beck, and Jim Rome
Brian Glicklich, his bride, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Hendrie, Bill Handel, Glenn Beck, and Jim Rome
Brian Glicklich, his bride, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Hendrie, Bill Handel, Glenn Beck, and Jim Rome
This picture stands in for a wedding picture (with Brian Glicklich, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Hendrie, Bill Handel, Glenn Beck, & Jim Rome ) which was removed by a bogusly reported as a DMCA violation.
Brian Glicklich,Scientology
Curious that Brian Glicklich, who works for the Public Relations firm that represent the Church Of Scientology, is so concerned about these relationships with conservative pundits being publicized that he reports the fair use of this image as a DMCA violation.


Brian Glicklich is the Spokesperson for The Rush Limbaugh Show and Chairman of Sitrick digital practice.  Since August of last year, Glicklich has added Professional Cyberstalker to his resume.  His target?  #StopRush.  This is one busy dude.  Considering Limbaugh is paying him $900/hour, the hustle is worth it.

The #StopRush tweets in this article are just a few of the hundreds that @BrianGlicklich has posted.


On September 19, 2014, Carol, another StopRush volunteer, woke up, logged onto her Twitter account to find this:


Carol reports she felt like someone had punched her in the gut.  Carol does not see a Pulitzer Prize in her immediate future so the “horrible writer” statement was ridiculous.  However, seeing her name posted by this cyberbully left her nauseous, frightened and intimidated.

After several dozen threats directed at #StopRush in general and specific volunteers in particular, Glicklich issued his Grand Opus via Twitter on September 23, 2014.


This tweet links to the Rush Limbaugh website and a story filled with lies and misinformation.  Glicklich reports that 10 people are responsible for 70% of the tweets and that just a small number of “political activists” are involved.  

It’s truly unbelievable that in the last three (3) years just 10 people are responsible for over 3,100 advertisers giving Limbaugh the heave-ho.  Extensive research has revealed that not one of them makes $900/hour.  In fact, yes, they are ALL volunteers.

Glicklich posted the emails, twitter handles and Facebook links for each of these 10 people.  On September 23, Glicklich rang the alarm: “Conservatives, prepare.”  And prepare they did.  Disgusting and vicious tweets, emails and death threats have rained down on the heads of these volunteers.  They have been referred to as “The Cat Ladies” which caused one of Glicklich’s “prepared conservatives” and trolls to post this tweet:


These tweets and images are textbook cyber-threats which stir up the right-wing base generating more cyber-threats on volunteers expressing their First Amendment Rights.  A civil discussion is not the intent here.


When Glicklich tweeted “Conservatives, prepare,” he intentionally sounded the alarm for strangers to join him in his stalking efforts.  Danielle Keats Citron in the introduction to her book Hate Crimes in Cyberspace described a “cyber mob” as follows:

The Internet’s ability to forge connections enables stalking by proxy, whereby perpetrators recruit strangers to help them stalk victims, and group cyber stalking, whereby more than one person is involved in the online abuse.  Online harassment can quickly become a team sport, with posters trying to outdo each other.  Posters compete to be the most offensive, the most abusive.  An accurate name for such online groups is cyber mobs.  The term captures both the destructive potential of online groups and the shaming dynamic at the heart of the abuse.

Was it Brian Glicklich or someone who sounded like him who called one of the volunteers in the middle of the night a few weeks ago?  DWD?  Dialing while drunk?  He refused to identify himself despite being asked to do so many times.  He accused the volunteer of associating with a third person she had never even heard of.  In this tweet Glicklich owns up for his harassing phone call:


Yes, you are reading that right.  His tweet was at 2:49 am, shortly after he made the phone call.

On December 30, 2014, Caleb Bonham from Campus Reform called the Rush Limbaugh Show to discuss a Truth Revolt story concerning Khadijah Lynch.  Erick Erickson happened to be subbing for Rush Limbaugh that day.  At one point Bonham referred to part of the #IStandWithKadijah petition:  “This is Libel. This is Defamation of Character. This is Cyber bullying. This should not be condoned. It is clear, that the intentions of the author were not to spurt a healthy conversation welcoming all sides, but rather to publicly defame Khadijah.”

Erickson’s response, “Cyberbullying. So highlighting her own words is cyberbullying?” 

Apparently it is only legitimate when Limbaugh, Glicklich or Erickson scream foul.  When they disagree with an opinion, they are more than happy to destroy the reputation of whoever is expressing that opinion.  But when StopRush tweeters quote the words of Rush Limbaugh verbatim, they are “Cyberstalkers.”

So much for fair and balanced.


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